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About Us

About Switchback Software...

Switchback Software LLC, a Colorado corporation, was founded in 1997 and has been serving companies across the US and abroad ever since.

Sue SpielmanSwitchback Software's president, Sue Spielman, has more than 19 years' experience in delivering leading edge industry products. Prior to starting her independent firm, she held numerous positions at various companies including; Director of Engineering for Business Development, Senior Design Engineer, Principal Engineer, and Technical Manager. She has delivered products in the US and abroad. Sue is the best selling author with over six book credits and writes for many industry magazines. Additionally, she is a sought after speaker on various technologies at domestic and international conferences. Sue holds a Master of Computer Science  from Boston University and a BS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. Sue brings a unique perspective to Switchback Software's clients because she has worked at all levels of an organization, both technically and managerially. She is not only one of the Senior Consulting Engineers on most projects, but she provides invaluable assistance to clients when it comes to understanding technology and putting it to work.

Switchback Software puts together the right development team to work on your project. We work with our clients to define the exact needs of a project; we provide a selection of engineers, and then we select the best-fit engineers to do the job. The engineers that work for Switchback Software are among the industry's best. Whether your project is a one person job, or requires an entire team, Switchback Software can meet your needs.

Switchback Software has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. We've provided an entire development staff for startup companies, and we've worked with teams already in place at large industry leaders.

Switchback Software provides a unique approach to the development cycle. Since our entire staff if comprised of senior level engineers, we know what our job is and we know how to do it. Most of our projects are done on a telecommuting basis. This approach allows us to provide a highly qualified engineering staff at a low-market cost. There is no need to provide office space - all our engineers have state-of-the-art home offices that can be used in any of the development projects we take on. It is the best of both worlds: our clients get great engineers, and our engineers get optimum working conditions and environments.



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