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  Switchback Software LLC 

Switchback Software LLC  is a software development consultancy that provides our clients with full product life cycle development and training. We use the latest technologies and methods for delivering the highest quality products possible. We can provide a highly skilled development team, regardless of the size of your project.

Switchback Software brings product from concept to delivery. Our offerings include working with our clients in any of the following areas: product requirements definition, design, OO modeling and architecture, engineering development, quality assurance, and production roll-out. Additionally, we can provide full project management as well as technical documentation and provide developer mentoring.

In addition to our software development services, Switchback Software President and Senior Consulting Engineer, Sue Spielman is a recognized author and contributor to major technology publications (online and in print). She also speaks on various Java technologies throughout the country, and has been a successful expert witness for parties in technology disputes.  Information about all of our services, products and expertise follow.

The Java Enterprise and Java Mobile industry experience of the Switchback Software consultants is unsurpassed. This might explain why Sun Microsystems called upon us to do J2EE development for their in-house systems. We develop large scale business and web-based applications that use all facets of the J2EE technologies.

"The Switchback Software team provided high quality software business application solutions on time and on budget. 85% of their work was done remotely with the same professional quality and robustness of on-site development at a fraction of the cost..."
Principal Manager
World Wide Enterprise Services
Sun Microsystems


Switchback's Consultants average over ten years experience, and we build products using the latest OO technology to fit the needs of your business. Switchback Software's clients range from startup companies to large industry leaders. Our work is done primarily on a telecommuting basis, providing our clients with the highest quality engineer at below-average industry rates.


"Switchback Software accomplished in two weeks what took our former developer three months and double the cost to do.  I would recommend the Switchback team highly to anyone who values time, professionalism and excellence."
Coach Arnold

If you've found Switchback Software, you've found the right people to build your next product.


Book Announcements

Pro J2EE 1.4 - Professional to Expert (Apress) - For serious developers in the J2EE world, this is a must have. Available now!

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The Web Conferencing Book (Amacom) - The book that takes a look at how to use, roll-out, and best leverage this totally cool technology in your organization. 

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JSTL: Practical Guide for JSP  Programmers (MK)  - Sue authored this book that includes all the nitty-gritty of using the new JSP Standard Tag Library. If you are a JSP developer, this will be a must have for the bookshelf.

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The Struts Framework: Practical Guide for Java Programmers published by Morgan-Kaufmann is one of the first books on the market about Struts v1.1, including a full sample application using Struts v1.1 features. Currently on Amazon's best seller list for Java books, order your copy now.

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JavaOne 2003

Find out the real dirt on what happened at JavaOne from Sue's daily blogs for O'Reilly on OnJava.com




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Free webinar - Tools to Maximize Web-based Training - 1/29/2004 presented by Switchback Software and Microsoft.. Register now.

Switchback Software joins forces with The Java Team Corporation to bring you the J2ME Intensive Bootcamp. Find out more about how your Java development team can doing mobile development in 2 days flat.
Switchback Software teams with Workworlds to bring you the Web Conferencing eSeminar Series

View the free eSeminar to whet your appetite on the Web conferencing technology.

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